Follow the steps outlined below to ensure that your post processor is modified to your desired specifications. 


  • Mark-up a g-code program with comments turned on (watch video tutorial
  • Create a Pack and Go (.gcpkg) using the file that was used to create the g-code program (watch video tutorial) 
  • Send an email with your request and the above files attached to the GibbsCAM Post Dept. at and cc CAMCO at  Include your company name and the machine make and model in the subject line.


If your file is too large to attach to an email, contact the GibbsCAM Post Dept. directly for an upload link. 


When modifying the program highlight the changes by using different color fonts and adding notes: 


Removed words or codes in red             *** remove this line

Moved words or codes in blue               *** move this command to this location 

Added words or codes in green              *** add this code in this location



G28U0.W0.         *** Add this line here - all instances

N58G99M41         *** Remove G99






N64G76P010060Q10R.001         *** move this line here

N65G76X6.0548Z-1.75I0.P886Q150F.1575            *** make single line canned cycle 

G76X6.0548Z-1.75D150P4A30.K.0886F.1574M24       *** delete this line



N69 X20.Z10.05 G28U0.W0 M5          *** Remove X, Z and change to G28U0.W0


To create a Pack and Go file: 

  • File Tab 
  • Exchange Tab
  • Click Pack and Go

(Watch a video tutorial for how to create a Pack and Go file here)