Hi Andrew,


This can be done through the GibbsCAM posting window using the Workfixture Tab:


The initial problem is that G54 is assigned to the Partstation WFO (CS1) and is locked to that.  That’s why your Offset values are set to 0,0,0:


In order to release G54 from being assigned to the PartStation WFO, you have to go to the “By WFO” view.  Follow these steps:

  • Before going to the By WFO view, Right-click and “Revert” all operations.
  • Then go to the By WFO view, and assign the PartStation WFO to something other that G54 (I chose G59).
  • When you do that, the window will go through the Default WFO Assignment Algorithm, and should choose G54 to the first Op, and then assign the next WFO down the line.


I believe that will work for you.  You’ll know you have it done correctly by going back to the By Operation view and you’ll see G54 assigned to Op 1 with the correct Offsets applied:


When you post it out using the .70 post, you should see this in the output: