If your MDD has been updated since the version you’re using. Here’s what I recommend to fix this issue:


  1. Create a new blank part in Gibbs using a Generic MDD. 
    1. Then, go into your installation folders and delete both the MDD and VMM associated with this machine (Let me know if you need help finding these).
    2. After deleting them, close GibbsCAM and relaunch to make sure this action is saved.
  2. Download the latest post package from this link, then load it into Gibbs example: zip icon Okuma Multus B200W OSP P200L 5as [M+K] BYIAML6603.59.12im.zip
    1. The easiest way to do this is to download the zipped folder, and put it somewhere easy to access, like your desktop. From there, drag the whole zipped folder onto your GibbsCAM screen. Something like this should pop up:
       Click “OK”, and the MDD/VMM should load in correctly.
  3. After getting the new files loaded, you should see the new MDD in the DCD Machine dropdown menu: