To perform Cut-Measure-Cut, perform the following steps.

1. Rough out the Feature and leave material for a semi-finish pass

2. Switch to the finish tool and take a cut leaving 0.005" stock

3. Use the Probe to measure the feature, but use geometry with the 0.005" stock on it.

4. Select "Measure Only" for the feature

5. The probe will measure the 0.005" stock feature and calculate the deviation error

6. When you post the program, add the Tool Number at the end of the probing line for that feature. Example for Tool 3 - T3

7. Inspection Plus will automatically update the tool diameter, or tool length depending on what type of feature is being cut

8. Create a finish pass with the correct geometry

Click here to see the movie on Dynamic Re-Machining with GibbsCAM Probing